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Testimonials & Praise

Résumé Support & Coaching

C. Williams

Forensic Toxicologist

It's not often I create reviews for businesses, but I felt the need to let people know Scout Coaching is a legitimately helpful service. Sara was incredibly thorough when drafting my cover letter. She asked detailed questions about my background as well as the position I was pursuing. She provided different drafts and we selected the one that we believed would have the strongest impact. Looking for work is intimidating and humbling on its own, but having someone hold your hand is practically anxiolytic. I plan to use her as a resource on a number of upcoming personal projects.

Caley Tong

Undergraduate in Applied Social Sciences

During my time at my university, I used the resume service numerous times. Although the feedback I receive from other reviewers were helpful, I requested Sara Sutler-Cohen to review my resumes as I submitted additional revisions. She went above and beyond to provide valuable feedback; it was detailed and showed the best ways to convey my skillsets and experience to catch a recruiter's attention while not being too wordy.  She has a passion for her work and to help others succeed.

Sameerah Blue, SEO Coordinator

“It is impossible to say enough good things about Sara and her career services. Not only did she help me create a great resume, but her advice and guidance has been invaluable as I take the next steps in my career adventures.”

Amy Casselman, MA

 Ph.D. Candidate (Sociology), Stanford University

I cannot say enough good things about Sara! She has been a constant source of support and guidance since we met several years ago as colleagues at San Francisco State University. She mentored me through my first formative years as a professional academic and helped see me through job interviews and the publication of my first book. When she made the transition into a professional coaching career I was so excited to work with her again as I contemplated a significant career change. She has been an invaluable resource guiding me to make the best decisions for myself and with her help I am confident that I will succeed in my new endeavors. Work with Sara! She will change your life!

Addison Herron-Wheeler

Author, Wicked Woman: Women in Metal from the 1960s to Now Editor, Out Front

“Sara helped strengthen my teaching skills by offering tools to address the diverse needs of my students. I am consistently pleased with the way my teaching evaluations reflect the efficacy of her pedagogical interventions. While she has guided me through teaching, she has also helped me in my pursuit of research and publication by editing and providing feedback on my research. With her input, I submitted my manuscript and received praise from the publishers and editorial review board.”

Sia Kollo Sellu

“Sara is very skilled at editing. She is a straight-shooter and will give you a no-nonsense analysis of your copy, and guidance on how to concisely reach your audience.”

Amanda DiGioia, MPhil

Ph.D. Candidate at University College London, SSEES

“At my inaugural presentation at an academic conference, my anxiety was high. Sara was running the conference, and I had heard of her, and of all the great work she had done. As a burgeoning scholar, this made me more nervous. When I approached Sara, looking for advice, she coached me through my anxiety and calmed me down in under five minutes. If Sara can achieve a victory for me in such a short amount of time, I can only imagine how much her clients will benefit from her skill set! I wholeheartedly recommend Sara’s coaching skills to anyone seeking assistance in honing in on their skill set to achieve their dreams.”

Anna Chilewska, Ph.D.

Sessional Lecturer & Scholar, University of Alberta

“Sara helped me make the necessary changes to shift my CV to a flawless résumé enabling me to seamlessly apply for jobs outside of academia as I prepare to switch careers. I am at the point in my life when I’m not sure what the future holds for me, so having someone with her professional skills and knowledge around post-academic careers was invaluable to me. The help and advice I received from Sara urged me to consider how I might present myself to future employers or starting a business, particularly reframing my skillset to fit my many talents outside of academia.”

Shamma Boyarin, Ph.D.

Assistant Teaching Professor & Director of the Religious Studies Program at the University of Victoria, BC

“Sara helped me by offering practical advice on organizing conferences as well as providing information about research and writing. When I organized my first event (a symposium on religion and metal), and my funding did not come through, Sara provided advice that helped me pull off a successful event. She has assisted me in developing teaching materials, by providing feedback and suggestions on and by sharing her syllabi and course plans.  I can honestly say that working with Sara has greatly advanced my career.”

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