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Work with Me & Invest in Yourself

Résumé writing is a challenge. 

When it comes to job searches and career shifts, you might feel uncertain, scared of the unknown, or like you don’t have the knowledge, background, or information you need to stand out in your industry and get hired with confidence.

Let me guess:

You’ve already tried (several times, probably) figuring things out on your own. That process has been long and frustratingly unrewarding so far, hasn’t it?

The thing is, that approach rarely works because industries differ—and change quickly and dramatically—so expectations are not always predictable. Unless you make it your job to know what works in résumés and what processes are needed to get in the door, you’re going to be left disappointed—and still in a career slump.

Here’s where people often get stuck—and don’t worry; there are solutions.

  • Knowing which skills flow from one career to another, and how to explain these clearly to potential employers.

  • How to brand yourself on your résumé so you can stand out, get the interview, and get hired.

  • Detailing, in brief, your work history, so it flows and makes the hiring manager understand why you are the person for the job.

  • How to write a cover letter that makes it clear you align with the organization—and will be a total idea fit.

  • Developing interview skills that leave people with a bright and lasting impression of who you are, professionally.

  • Valuable networking skills benefiting your career (no matter your level of comfort with networking.


These elements of the career path can feel like massive hills to climb; while they can be—and sometimes are—they can give way to exciting periods where you have the opportunity for personal and professional growth.

Thinking of the process as lifeline learning can make your efforts feel delightfully enriching rather than frustratingly daunting.

Most people—regardless of where they are on the career path—aren’t sure about expectations, probably because the expectations change from month to month, career to career, generation to generation. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the overall process and then fall into a trap, get stuck there, and experience a breakdown in confidence.

You get—and stay—in your own way, and that can result in settling for a job that doesn’t fit you (or the other way around), and you wind up waiting too long to get your résumé together. Then, you either hire a corporate service to do it for you or slap one together with whatever template you find on the Internet.

Either way, you end up with a document and with choices that don’t set you apart or demonstrate your professional self in a meaningful and transparent way.

In working with me, you’ll find that I have a unique and guided approach to résumé design and career path strategies that:

  • Will engage you wherever you are on the career path

  • Hold you accountable to a higher standard to dig deeper

  • Create the tools needed to get results

  • Place you on a brighter and far more confident path


My methods work because I align my guidance with two decades of experience working closely with leaders in a variety of industries, designing human resource leadership and career building courses, leading professional development workshops, reviewing hundreds of résumés, and having in-depth knowledge of various learning styles.

Whether you’re trying to change careers or level up in your position in your current industry, working with me will result in your Career Toolbox to help you put your achievements, experience, and confidence up front, so people see your Professional Self first, enabling you to take your next best steps on your career path.

Ready? Let's do this.

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